Freight Rail Services
Warehousing & Storage.

Reduce transportation costs with our energy-efficient freight rail services and logistics in North and South Carolina.

The Aberdeen & Rockfish Rail System has been family owned and operated for over 130 years, so you can rest assured your shipments will arrive safely and on time.

AR/PDRR System Map

Gain access to cost-effective routes with Aberdeen & Rockfish.



Serving all of North America through A&R’s network of freight partners.

Everything you need for quick and easy transport of bulk materials.

Our rail freight services and storage facilities provide safe and reliable solutions for transporting your shipments.


Partner with A&R to find sites primed for industrial development and located near transportation hubs.


Move freight the best way for the planet.

Environmentally friendly

Each ton of freight moved by railroad reduces gas emissions from trucks by two-thirds or more.

Reduced traffic

A freight train can remove up to 280 trucks from highways, alleviate congestion, and reduce damage to highways from trucks.

Best fuel-efficiency

A freight train can move one ton of freight an average of 480 miles per gallon of diesel fuel — 3x further than a truck.


A&R strives to ensure our customers get quality personal service from pickup to delivery.

For over 130 years, we’ve delivered freight throughout North and South Carolina.

Our long-standing tradition of operational excellence has led to lasting relationships with our customers.

Schedule your next shipment through the Carolinas with A&R Railroads.


Hear what our valued customers
have to say.

I can boldly state the relationship we have with the PDRR is truly a great experience. Daily service is beyond excellent and any Maintenance of Way issues are communicated ahead of time so the Mills can plan production and shipping accordingly. The PDRR provides accurate E-mails indicating inbound and on hand car status on a daily basis which saves a lot of time for me. I don’t have to get this information from several other sources which may not always be 100% accurate.
Flexibility is another huge advantage for the PDRR. Many times I have asked for a switch or car placement very late in the morning and the PDRR crew fulfills these requests the large majority of the time. As we have tripled our rail volume over the past 30 months, the communication and service performance from the PDRR has only gotten better.
Today was a challenging day for the PDRR crew; I made several changes but without hesitation, it was no problem for them.