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Our team of seasoned professionals has transported virtually every type of commodity, raw material, or finished goods through the Carolinas. We know the land, we know the people, and we know how to keep shipments moving smoothly. If you need to transport bulk loads between North or South Carolina, get in touch with us today to find out how we can move your shipment without a hitch.

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A & R Freight Services

Warehouse Space

Whether you’re moving loads between the Carolinas or across the country, freight rail trains are the most economical and energy-efficient way to move large shipments over land.

With connections to Class 1 Railroads, the A&R Rail System gives your shipments access to the entire North American continent.

A & R Freight Services

Transload Facilities

For supply chains that need truck delivery, A&R offers several trans-load facilities to help make physical distribution seamless.

This convenient freight service combines rail’s price advantage with truck delivery’s flexibility.

Use our trans-load facilities and intermodal transport to forward position inventory and expand your market reach beyond your logistical constraints.